TEDxTehran 2013

TEDxTehran 2013 was the first ever TEDx event in Iran


TEDxTehran 2013

On Thursday February 14th, 2013 we started the first TEDx event in Iran, to be held at Amir Kabir University of Tehran, with this theme of Tehran En Route to showcase amazing talent and ideas brewing in present day Iran, and how its glorious history of thoughts, words and deeds still manifest themselves within Iran. The event was a unique occurrence in this city which built a platform for both discovered and undiscovered ideas to be heard, debated and acted on. TEDxTehran 2013 provided an opportunity for Iranians to exchange ideas within their ever growing metropolis capital of 15 million. To bring together great minds from outside Iran for networking, dialogue and synergy of new ideas. To provide a different and fresh perspective on global challenges and opportunities common to us all, irrespective of our geography: urban sprawl and pollution, access to progressive education and healthcare, sustainable energy, cutting edge technology and entrepreneurship.

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Tehran En Route

The theme for TEDxTehran 2013 was Tehran En Route. Iran is endowed with roughly 1% of world’s total population and land mass, and 8% of world’s natural resources that presents tremendous potential in human capital and natural resources. Our capital city, Tehran, is the pulse and hum that forms the heart of Iran’s potential and challenges. As a growing urban metropolis, Tehran has big opportunities and big challenges, making strides in all directions. So on February 14, 2013 over 400 people gathered at the Molana Conference Hall of Amirkabir University to discover Tehran En Route; heading toward its path, determined on its journey, and directed by the ideas and actions of inspiring people with Ideas Worth Spreading


TEDxTehran 2013 Talks

All TEDxTehran Talks are posted online, giving our community access to showcase and exchange their ideas with the rest of the world

Ali Akbar Sadeghi // Minus Infinity / Plus Infinity

En Route to Creativity // What is the source of creativity? Is it nature or nurture? How can you awaken your creative self? How to tackle challenges and creative blocs? How can you use technology to unleash the creative force within you? Join us en route from minus to plus infinity, to explore the curiosity of creativity

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Amir Hossein Zahedi // From natural gas to solid methane

En Route to Sustainable Energy // How can technology help us explore, produce and distribute natural gas more effectively? What technology can help us produce sustainable energy? Are there alternatives to existing LNG (liquefied natural gas) that can be cheaper, cleaner and safer?  Join us as we explore one route to sustainable energy

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Rouzbeh Pirouz // From Oil to Toil: Shifting Iran’s Economy from Petrol to People

En Route to Prosperity // If the pillar of Iran’s economic development was oil in the past 100 years, what can be its pillars of economic development for the next 100 years?  What is Iran’s greatest resource? What do we have to harnes for Iran to thrive in the 21st Century and develop into a prosperous economic force in the world? Join us en route to be inspired, to take action, to achieve prosperity

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Dr.Nasrin Moazami // What can we learn from Microalgae?

En Route to Innovation // What can nature teach us about innovation? How can we leverage on natural organisms and mechanics to serve scientific research? How can scientific research be transformed into innovation? What is the personal journey of scientific pursuit?  Join us en route to the world of scientific exploration and innovation

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Bahram Azimi // From 1 frame to 129,600 frames
En Route to Entertainment // Did you know that Iran has a thriving animation industry? What is unique and universal about Iranian animation? How can you play in that space as an investor, consumer, cartoonist, designer or director? Want to breakout in the local and international scene?  Join us en route to world of animation where human imagination can create infinite possibilities

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Siavosh Arasteh // Feeding the future

En Route to Sustainable Abundance // As the most important nutrient, proteins are fundamental to our world. Focusing on the contemporary trading of protein-based commodities offer us a unique glimpse into how fundamental global trends have panned out. Moreover, a “protein-lens” view of the world captures some of the key challenges of the future, opportunities awaiting innovators to address.

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Nasser Hadjloo // Curious case of word stylers

En Route to Localization // Bold, underline, italics – what do these actually mean? Do they have the same meaning to a native versus non-native English speaker? Technology has evolved to help us express ourselves better almost in any case, but do we really embrace it or still living with previous limits? Do we need to localize technology, and if yes, how? How can we put more effects on words to express ourselves more efficient? What Farsi impactors do we need? How can we use technology to present our ideas in a better and memorable way? Join us en route to localization of software and technology

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 Masoud Boroomand // Close Encounter Of The Fourth Kind

En Route to Relationships//  How our behavior may affect the life and future career of each other? Are we aware of the positive influence that we received from our friends or teachers? Can we change the way that people look at the complex issues that they face with? Then, how is it possible to make a team of various people with different characters. What is our role and responsibility to transfer a positive image of the future to the other people?

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 Reza Maknoon // Virtual water 

En Route to Hydrology // Water / H20 / is a key element of human life. So have you ever tried to measure your water footprint? The results can astonish you, especially when you factor the indirect water consumed, the virtual water. As we increase in population and urbanize, our demand for water multiplies. So what does this mean for humanity and the future of life on earth?

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