TEDxTehran 2014: On The Verge of Breakthrough

TEDxTehran 2014 was held in September 26th, 2014 at Vahdat Hall

TEDxTehran 2014

Last year we spoke of Tehran En Route, and as a continuation of our journey, at the second TEDxTehran event we shared talks and thoughts on Tehran, its citizens and global community on the Verge of Breakthrough. On Friday September 26th, 2014 the second TEDxTehran was held at the amazing Vahdat Hall of Tehran, aiming to make a year of hope and anticipation of a breakthrough at an individual, community, economic, social, and technological dimensions. On TEDxTehran 2014 we invited our speakers to share their views on what sparks a breakthrough, what breakthrough can Iran share in technology, entertainment and design that are compelling for now and the future and what have been their personal experiences in the moment of a breakthrough.

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Views of talks

On The Verge of Breakthrough

Pronouncation: ˈbrākˌTHro͞o /ˈbreɪkθruː
A sudden, dramatic, and important discovery or development
An instance of achieving success in a particular activity, knowledge or technique
A person’s first notable success

TEDxTehran 2014 Talks

All TEDxTehran Talks are posted online, giving our community access to showcase and exchange their ideas with the rest of the world

 Reza Pakravan // Making a Bold Decision

Tehran on the Verge of Adventure // To breakthrough in your career, find your personal calling and achieve fulfillment. Adventurer Reza Pakravan wants you to find your personal calling. He is a man whose enthusiasm for life knows no bounds. By pushing his body to the limit, breaking one record after another, and feeding his soul via helping his fellow man, he achieves fulfillment.

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Ramin Sadighi // Make it a Jobby!

Tehran on the Verge of True Success // A Job or a hobby? Make it a JOBBY! Art Director Ramin Sadighi takes TEDxsers inside his awesome jobby and describes how he found success: By understanding his unique strengths and weaknesses and embracing serendipity.

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 Dr. Darius Mahdjoubi // The New Renaissance

Tehran on the Verge of Transformation // The European Renaissance started around 600 years ago in Europe and it changed the face of the World. There are two main questions: 1) When will be the next major transformation comparable with the Renaissance of 600 years ago? 2) What could be the distinct features of the next major transformation, here called New Renaissance? Evidences indicate a major transformation actually happening, NOW! The changes that we are facing (including the wide applications of the Internet) may be a prelude to the New Renaissance.

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 Sohrab Pournazeri // Music, a Breakthrough Value

Tehran on the Verge of Creating Valuable Art //  Iranian musician, Sohrab Pournazeri who can’t remember life before music or imagine life without it, discusses the value of a work of art and how can we preserve this value. To open his talk, Sohrab treats us to a haunting, intimate Tanbour improvisation which is rarely heard outside of traditional eastern performances.

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 Dr. Nasrin Hafezparast // Breaking Through the Disease Barrier

Tehran on the Verge of Healthcare // Our healthcare systems are broken. Doctors are capable of treating diseases but they are missing where their core focus should be: the patients as human beings. Doctor and computer engineer Nasrin Hafezparast suggests we put people first and use big data to predict a better future.

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 Tandis Tanavoli & Dr. AmirHossein Mahoozi // The God of Rakhsh, Resurrecting the Vow

Tehran on the Verge of Culture and Identity // What can we learn from the Book of Kings: Shahnameh? A country’s literature is where its identity and spirit are encapsulated. That couldn’t be truer where Iran is concerned. Sometimes the folds of time seek to swallow up certain aspects of a culture and people, but just one conscientious person stops time in its tracks. The literary masterpiece that sought to safeguard the Persian language and took its devoted writer three decades to write, is what art director Tandis Tanavoli and Persian literature expert Dr. Amir-Hussein Mahoozi talked about on their duet talk.

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Core Team:

  • Reza Ghiabi | Organizer

  • Sara Mohammadi | Founder and Advisor

  • Alidad Hosseini | Operations Manager

  • Alireza Motamedi| Program Director

  • Farokh Shahabi Nezhad | Technical Director

  • Mani Lotfizadeh | Production Manager

  • Adib Rostami | Social Media Executive


  • Ladan Mirbod | Graphic Designer

  • Sasan Rahnema | Partner Developer

  • Golbahar Shakerin | Hostess

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  • Yasmin Jebelli | Hostess

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  • Ima Mehmanesh | Hostess

  • Roozbeh Fakhr | Host

  • Mahmood Sehhat | Host

  • Sogol Joudi | Operation Executive

  • Iman Reza Zadeh | Event Chef

  • Meisam Koohsari | Backstage Executive

  • Nassim Keshavarz | Program Executive

  • Njdeh Tahmasian Savarani | Program Executive

  • Kathy Mashkoori | Partner Relations

  • Nooshafarin Movaffagh | Event Photographer

  • Ali Taheri | Event Photographer

  • Saeed Pourreza | Onstage Host

  • Saleh Sokhandan | Interactive Arts

  • Yasaman Matin | Live Blogger

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  • Christopher Everett | Brand Advisor


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