After two years, TEDxTehran held its first in-person event, TEDxTehranLive 2022, with the theme of “A New Era” in the presence of our dear guests and loyal TEDxTehran companions on Friday 29th April 2022 at Haft-o-Hasht Studio.
After a series of unfortunate events, stressful days, the Covid-19 pandemic, news of war, and disturbances, we came together in hopes that our event would promise the beginning of “A New Era”. An era that will bring new events and will align us with its uptrend and be crucial for everyone. At TEDxTehranLive 2022 we shortlisted and watched a series of talks from The TED Conference 2022 and discussed these talks in our networking sessions together.
We heard of Bill Gates’s Covid Detection System, which is much more affordable than The PCR Test, for his intriguing ideas on dealing with the next pandemic.
We learned about democracy, which is the only thing Gary Kasparov, the world’s greatest chess player, worries about these days.
Elon Musk’s interesting answers to questions about Twitter’s upcoming changes were a part of these talks.
Katherine Mangu-Ward, a prominent American libertarian and editor-in-chief of Reason spoke out on voting!
In addition, many others spoke about issues we are currently dealing with in today’s world, including Andrew Ng’s talk on accessibility to AI for all inhabitants of the earth, and Michael Novogratz’s talk about the relationship between digital currencies and investing institutions.
Ralph Chami talked about common issues between the economy and the environment.
Neurologist Sergio P. Pasca gave a talk on his works on our understanding of what makes the human brain unique and is looking for effective treatments to cure brain disorders! James Hodge, an IT expert, gave a talk about simple and useful things that make it easy to access Big Data! And finally, singer and songwriter, Bedouine played guitar and sang and performed beautiful lyrics and melodies.
Attending this event was a chance to share our vision for “A New Era” and the beginning of change, as well as listen to TED2022 talks to gain a new perspective and mindset on entering the post-pandemic world.
At the end of the event, attendees shared their opinions about “A New Era” on TEDxTehran’s board of ideas. With the given issues raised at TEDxTehranLive 2022, what are your ideas on entering “A New Era” after the pandemic? What do you think about TEDxTehran’s latest event? We love to hear from you.

Share your thoughts with us and stay tuned for our next events!

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