Aty S. Behsam
writer, artist and translator

Brain Food

There a myth that has been around for a long time, going generation to generation, so people have come to believe it; It’s the myth that tells us we cannot do something, no matter how hard we try—that our dreams are invalid. It tells us there is always someone out there, someone better, who will get what we want first. It’s time to get rid of this myth and pass on the right message to the next generation: No matter who you are, your voice matters.

Aty S. Behsam is a writer, artist and translator working as a mentor and teacher for young Iranian writers for years. Last year her novel won a spot in PitchWars writing competition, in which she is taking part this year as a mentor. She studied English Translation and is also a skilled artist.

She is a self-taught artist and writer and has been working with foreign publishers, authors, and editors as a writer, artist, and editor.
Through her classes and workshops, Aty has been sharing her experience with young writers.

She has been trying to create a chain of education, creation, and execution of creative writing, currently working on Iran’s very first mentorship writing competition as a preparation for introducing young Iranian writers to the international community. She believes the youth need to be inspired to find their ultimate goal, so they can take steps toward their goal and realize that finding their own skills and voice matters.