Hamed Abdi

Sips from Khayyam’s Millennium-old Wine

This talk is more of a dreamy journey of timelessness through the poems of Omar Khayyam- the Sober Wino, the Cheerful Pessimist, and the Skeptical Believer.
The speaker relates his account of Khayyam’s dialectics in the form of discourses with a number of other like-minded thinkers and poets who join the caravan.
The narrator, through a plot line propelled by two characters -Kiyoomars (Q/Cue) and Dorothy (Door)- bears cups from sage Khayyam’s critical wisdom and offers them on the tray of his original translations to the conscious ears of the audience. May we all cheer up to the shadowy awareness in Khayyam’s May*!
*Persian word for wine

...I’m not the first n won’t be the last;
The stage of life has an endless cast...

Hamed Abdi was born a Capricorn in 1973 in Khorramabad, western Iran. He is a Dubai-based academician who is a linguist by education, a teacher by profession, and a poetry translator by passion.
He is also a professional simultaneous interpreter, selective public speaker, creative director and copywriter.
In his late 20’s, he was an English newscaster and correspondent with several reports for the CNN World Report to his credit.
Over the two decades of his teaching career, he has trained thousands and mentored dozens of students in the fields of linguistics, TEFL, translation, interpretation, phonetics, creative writing, and critical discourse analysis. In his PhD thesis, he has formulated a novel classification of metaphors and has developed a model prism for meaning excavation in the process of translation. Yet, his personal pastime has always remained enjoying the world literature.
Hamed Abdi’s inner poet, i.e., "Satah..." has created him a mental haven that he refers to as Dotland- a universe where poets and thinkers of all ages and languages converse in verse.