Jabiz Hafizi
Piano Teacher and Performer

The important role of love in the 7 steps towards fearlessness

The Birds’ Conference is a poem by the Iranian poet Attar. Jabiz Hafizi tells her story and how it was aligned with Attar’s poem, the seven cities of love.

Jabiz Hafizi is a pianist and a piano teacher based in the Netherlands.
She was born in Tehran. After her study in Industrial Engineering, she decided to pursue her childhood passion and dream to become a professional pianist.
In 2016 she graduated her Bachelor's degree in classic Piano Performance from Utrecht conservatory under the guidance of Prof. Martyn Van den Hoek. She also followed several master classes and workshops with Enrico Pace, Alan Weis, Deborah Nemko, among others. Furthermore, she has received lessons in Jazz Improvisation with Rembrandt Frerichs.
She obtained her Master's degree from Maastricht conservatory in 2019 under the guidance of Prof. Joop Celis. Her Master research project was a production based on mixing genres, as she believes that in the current political situation, where east and west are being forced to mix and are struggling to accept each other’s cultural differences, it is more important than ever to introduce distant cultures to different folks through arts. She considers it her mission as a musician to contribute to this with her performances. In October 2019, Jabiz has been invited as a guest lecturer to give a lecture about her successful Master research to Master students of the Maastricht Conservatory. After her graduation she registered her company as ZZP`er entrepreneur and she started a project called ‘Rumi Cycle’ which has been commissioned by Gaudeamus Music festival in Utrecht. The project was a song cycle consist of 7 songs related to ‘7 Valleys of Love’ based on Rumi`s poetry from his book 'Masnavi'.
Furthermore another intercultural project of her was one of the winners of the Online Cultural Challenge of the Netherlands embassy in Tehran and it won the prize.