Citizen X is an annual award established by TEDxTehran team. Each year this award will recognize an Iranian citizen for their exceptional contributions to the Iranian society and their community leadership.

2020 CitizenX

Doctors and nurses fighting COVID-19

After four long years, TEDxTehran decides to bestow CitizenX award to doctors, nurses, and other medical staff who are fighting against COVID19.

Doctors and medical staff around the globe

2016 CitizenX

Sweepers in Our City

CitizenX 2016 was awarded to all hard working sweepers in Tehran who keep our city clean and beautiful.

Sweepers in Our City

2015 CitizenX

Gholamali Soleimani

CitizenX 2015 was awarded to Mr. Soleimani, for years of entrepreneurship and hard work at Solico Group.

Gholamali Soleimani Solico CEO

Criteria for a CitizenX

Has this person contributed to Iran in the following areas:
  • Innovation & Technology: Have they invented, sponsored or supported the creation or advancement of a technology in Iran? Have they innovated a process or product?
  • Industry & Economy: Has their commercial, non-profit or public policy activities supported economic diversification, development of an industry, and/or Iran’s competitive advantage?
  • Culture: Have they shaped and advanced the culture of contemporary Iran positively be it in areas of arts, business, or general lifestyle?
  • Social Welfare: Have they actively contributed to social welfare through job creation or giving access to education, healthcare, housing or basic utilities?
  • Environment: Has their activities benefited the preservation, protection or improvements in our environment (air & water), ecology or wildlife in Iran?

Multiple suggestions for the same person won’t influence the CitizenX selection team in any way. We review every suggestion that comes in, and it only takes one.

Nominate the Next CitizenX

You can nominate the next CitizenX based on CitizenX Criteria right here by this form: