Rozita Shojaei

Finding Conscious Cultural Identity

The homeland and the culture associated with it are an inseparable part of each person’s social identity.
It is believed that Persian culture is one of the oldest and richest cultures in the world.
But what values of this ancient culture still exist today? What is our role in the future development of this culture?
To answer these questions, Rozita Shojaei tells us her personal experience of immigrating to Germany in her early teens and the years of struggling with a lost identity which has been left somewhere between two homelands, not only for her but for many others with a similar story …
She goes on with sharing practical ideas, asking everyone to help revive the identity and culture that we think we still have, but we don’t really find that in our daily lives for a long time.

"Rozita Shojaei born in a small city near Tabriz in Iran. At the age of 12, Rozita and her family moved to Germany, studied computer science, and worked successfully as Project Manager and Consultant for digital business for many well-known global companies.
Since her teenage years, she was interested in the human psyche and holistic methods and tools to improve mental health. Therefore, she has also been active in learning about psychology alongside her digital business career. This eventually led her profession as a personal development coach. She loves the Persian culture and keeps the connection to her homeland.
She travels regularly to Iran and also, passionate about different aspects of Persian culture, for instance, Persian art and poems, folklore music and dances, traditional events like Nowrouz and so on.
She sees herself as an ambassador of Persian culture. Her main purpose is to learn and spread the fundamental values of Persian culture as well as contribute to redefine and rebuild these values for the future."