Saba Nassiri

How can loneliness be your superpower?

Humans are familiar with the feeling of loneliness since their childhood. Loneliness is termed as social pain, a mechanism where your body tells you that you are doing something wrong, and could be expelled from the society. But what if it’s not the only aspect of loneliness? Let’s explore different aspects of it and see how loneliness can be your superpower!

Saba Nassiri is a visual artist. She studied Fine Arts Sculpture at the University of Tehran. In the past 20 years, she has had different experiences in handicrafts, digital art, and organizing workshops for children. Six years ago, she started creating animated pictures. Her art is a mix of imagination and creativity with lively photos from various scenes of the city. She captures these photos while hours of walking around the city, which is now part of her daily life. She gets out of the house every day to get inside herself. When walking, she explores and finds ways to benefit from her solitude.