TEDxTehran 2013


Feb. 14th, 2013


8:00 AM - 6:00 PM


Amir Kabir University of Tehran

Tehran En Route

On Thursday February 14th, 2013 we started the first TEDx event in Iran, to be held at Amir Kabir University of Tehran, with this theme of Tehran En Route to showcase amazing talent and ideas brewing in present day Iran, and how its glorious history of thoughts, words and deeds still manifest themselves within Iran. The event was a unique occurrence in this city which built a platform for both discovered and undiscovered ideas to be heard, debated and acted on. TEDxTehran 2013 provided an opportunity for Iranians to exchange ideas within their ever growing metropolis capital of 15 million. To bring together great minds from outside Iran for networking, dialogue and synergy of new ideas. To provide a different and fresh perspective on global challenges and opportunities common to us all, irrespective of our geography: urban sprawl and pollution, access to progressive education and healthcare, sustainable energy, cutting edge technology and entrepreneurship.

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TEDxTehran 2013 Speaker Lineup

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Ali Akbar Sadeghi

Minus Infinity / Plus Infinity

Amir Hossein Zahedi

From Natural Gas To Solid Methane

Dr.Nasrin Moazami

What Can We Learn From Microalgae?

Bahram Azimi

From 1 Frame to 129,600 Frames

Siavosh Arasteh

Feeding the Future

Nasser Hadjloo

Curious Case of Word Stylists

Masoud Boroomand

Close Encounter Of The Fourth Kind

Reza Maknoon

Virtual Water: Dr. Reza Maknoon at TEDxTehran


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