Before you register for a TEDxTehran event, it’s important to understand our policies. Please carefully read the policies below.

Conditions for acceptance

Before an application for registration can be accepted, it must meet the following criteria.
  • • Availability: There must be availability of places
  • • Payment: Prompt payment must be made at the time of your application

TEDxTehran’s right to terminate registration

We reserve the right to terminate any registration at any stage prior to an event without explanation by notifying the individual concerned by email, and delivering a refund.

Free places

A limited number of places are allocated at TEDxTehran to be given away to people considered deserving of a place, but unable to afford to pay for registration. Decisions on allocation of those places is at the discretion of TEDxTehran organizers.

Student places

A limited number TEDxTehran registrations are set aside for students in creditable universities with the price of IRR 200.000.
Our team at the ticketing counter will check your student identification card at the date of the event. Attendees who can not provide TEDxTehran with a valid identification card, will be rejected with no refunds or have to pay the remaining balance to buy a standard ticket.

No refunds

We cannot refund a TEDxTehran registration.

No Transfers

Registrations are approved for specific individuals and may not be transferred