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In 1953, Butane Company was founded with the mission to bring comfort to the lives of Iranian families by enabling them to substitute traditional fuels such as wood and coal, used for heating and cooking, with the cleaner more efficient option of gas. Wasteful as it seems today, prior to Butane’s pioneering efforts, all gas was burned off at the source; on Iranian oil fields.  In 1956, as use of this more convenient alternative became more widespread, the owners of Butane Company formed Butane Industrial Group; the first manufacturer of gas burning appliances and LPG cylinders in Iran.

This group currently produces outstanding gas heating appliances including instantaneous gas water heaters, combi-boilers, and aluminum radiators.  As the pioneer of the Iranian gas industry and the leading manufacturer of gas burning products in the country, BIG has for many decades been at the forefront of developing industry standards for safety, reliability and technological innovation. Yet, Butane Industrial Group has recognized that what it offers the customer does not stop with manufacturing an excellent product. With 12 regional customer centers, covering 650 cities, and employing 1800 servicemen, it ensures the comfort of its customers by providing a rapid and uniformly high level of service nationwide 365 days a year.

In 2016, as a testament to its commitment to innovation, quality and customer service, Butane Industrial Group earned it’s second double award from the National Iranian Standards Organization, as “Model industrial company in manufacturing and customer service.”

Today, Butane Industrial Group is the third largest producer of instantaneous gas water heaters in the world.  Over 11,000,000 homes in Iran now use Butane products.


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