TEDxGlobalDay 2018


After the success of the inaugural TEDxGlobalDay in 2017, TED are thrilled to bring it back this year on September 29th, 2018! TEDxGlobalDay is a day for TEDx teams to contemplate and act on some of the challenges facing the world today. We’ll spend that time watching inspiring talks from We the Future, a TED event presented in partnership with the Skoll Foundation and the United Nations Foundation. Then, TEDx teams will engage in spirited conversation and take part in activations that have a direct impact on our local community.

The spirit of TEDx is rooted in curiosity, inclusivity, and hope. During last year’s TEDxGlobalDay, that spirit was evident when more than 5,000 participants from around the world gave back to their communities. Today is our chance to make a difference in our local neighborhoods, and in turn, strengthen our collective global community.

TEDxGlobalDay is a day of impact developed in collaboration with the Skoll Foundation, and we are grateful for their support. More information about Skoll is available on www.Skoll.org.


On October 5, 2018, the TEDx community will join forces for the second inaugural TEDxGlobalDay. Together with their teams, and virtually with teams all over the globe, TEDx organizers will spend the day focusing on the problems most urgent to their community—first by discussing potential solutions and then by participating in local action.

TEDxGlobalDay is for all current TEDx organizers: license holders, team members, and volunteers. This initiative is not open to the public.






WATCH         This exciting day begins with a viewing experience of TEDGlobal>NYC, an inaugural TED event with a mission to reimagine the global story and catalyze outside-the-box thinking about world issues.

DISCUSS       Then we explore potential solutions for a problem that has an impact on our community. TEDxTehran has chosen “Wheel Of Fortune” as the main subject of our discussions.

ACTIVATE    The final stage of our event is to activate. We have designed an activity to do in teams around the issue we discussed.

At the end of the day, our TEDxGlobalDay group will have exciting, multifaceted potential solutions to issue related with this subject.

This event is made possible with generous support from Fereshteh Book City, Tehran.





Oct 5, 2018


9:30 AM - 13:00 PM


Gelato Lab


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