Ariana Vafadari
Mezzo-soprano Opera singer and Composer

From Pain, to inspiration and Art

I am an opera singer and composer. Operas are passionate and strong stories. Because of my own personal life I thought, the stories of opera were those of normal life. And I thought that tragedy, fear or violence fed our emotions.
Then my father died in a very tragic way. I started composing for the first time. I felt I needed to create something totally new and personal as I thought my story and my pain were unique. It stared curing me and had the same impact on my public. I learned to face myself and I found out that expressing our true darkness and pain through art is a healer. Our own story is our treasure. We can, through art, transform it into something bigger, more beautiful that has meaning, not only for us but for those we share it with.

Ariana Vafadari is a mezzo-soprano opera singer, but she also composes and performs in different styles. She gives high importance to her mixed cultural roots. Her new album « Anahita,» released in June 2020, has been critically acclaimed.
After her graduation as a Civil Engineer, Ariana Vafadari studied at the Academy of Music in Paris (CNSMDP) and the Hanns Eisler Academy of Music in Berlin. Her concert work includes many recitals with great pianists from all over the world. She is also working as director assistant for Monteverdi's « Orfeo » (Opéra de Paris in 2016) or a musical creator with the stage director Julie Bérès.
« Franco-Iranian Ariana's initiative is exemplary. She has a magnificent classical voice, journeying back in time to her origins. Her concert transmitted a corresponding spiritual charge. » Télérama, Fez Festival.