Arndt Pechstein

How to create a future we want: blurring the boundaries between humans, technology and biology

Times of crisis grant us the opportunity to accelerate change toward a new normal. But how can and shall this look like? Today, more than ever before, we are in need of future visions and stories we collectively belief in. In times of dystopias, negative and fake news and leader narcissism, we urgently need positive visions that unite us in striving for and creating desired futures. To catalyze a concerted effort to future-proof our species, we need a connected mind, exponential thinking and an abundance mindset. In his talk, Arndt will outline three fundamental vision narratives for the 21st century that will future-proof humanity:
(1) Living systems: Boosting adaptation, anti-fragility & circular design. Learning from nature to redesign our organizations, processes and societies. (2) Reinventing humanity: Awakening and amplifying human potential. Radical collaboration and trust-based interactions rooted in empathy and value-creation. (3) Exponential technologies: Tapping abundance and accelerating change. Making scarcity and exploitation business models obsolete by 10x-ing impact and societal growth. All three narratives are powerful by themselves. Only together do they become transformative. This is what Arndt calls ‘hybrid thinking’, breaking the silos and dissolving the boundaries of what separates us. We have the greatest tools in our hands. We just have to hybridize them, connecting the dots between human collaboration, emerging technologies and living systems.

"Based in Berlin, Dr. Arndt Pechstein, is founder of the boutique consultancy phi360, chairman of the Biomimicry Academy, as well as agile coach and change consultant working with corporates and SMEs across all sectors. Arndt holds a PhD in neuroscience and has expert backgrounds in Biomimicry, Design Thinking, Agile, Exponential Organizations, and digital business models.
Arndt coaches and consults on change & transformation strategies to help organizations in their digital and agile transition and toward resilience & innovative business models. He combines technical and analytical knowledge with human behavior and creative approaches to create sustainable and scalable solutions in a complex, uncertain and exponential world.
Arndt is also an inspiring keynote speaker, advisory board member and political advisor. As a multi-award-winning entrepreneur his transformative work is applied across all sectors, ranging from automotive, banking, pharmaceutical, and energy to manufacturing, e-commerce, politics and education.
His Credo is: Don't just be successful, be significant!"". Arndt is a black belt in various martial arts, passionate breakdancer, climber, outdoor enthusiast, and inventor of the 8-day week."