Aseyeh Hatami
IranTalent CEO

Four ways to make use of the years we spend on education.

For most of us, the only goals defined in the first 20 years of our lives are focused on education and learning. We spend over 10,000 hours at school, university and training institutes, all to build an asset for the next phase of our professional life.
But surveys show that fresh graduates right after graduation lack the skills to properly perform almost any job. As a result, most struggle to find employment, pushing them to gloom and despair instead of the bright future they were expecting. This is leading many to confront the question: Is education worth all the time, energy and money being spent on it?
Aseyeh Hatami, entrepreneur and researcher of the job market who founded and studied the recruitment challenges faced by thousands of local and international companies, will show us how to transform education from a sunk cost to a valuable asset through 4 timely actions.

Aseyeh is the Founder and CEO of, the No. 1 jobsite in Iran. Having pioneered the online recruitment industry in Iran, Aseyeh has steered the growth of her business through turbulent political and economic conditions. While maintaining market leadership, she has consistently led the business in identifying further gaps and addressing them through new innovative products. These have included the country’s first comprehensive salary survey, followed by the launch of, now a key source of salary benchmarking data for firms and individuals. More recently, the business has sought to address the highly inefficient graduate recruitment space with the launch of, which connects employers with universities and fresh graduates. Aseyeh holds an Engineering degree from Amir Kabir University, based in Tehran.