Bahram Azimi
From 1 frame to 129,600 frames

From 1 Frame to 129,600 Frames

Did you know that Iran has a thriving animation industry? What is unique and universal about Iranian animation? How can you play in that space as an investor, consumer, cartoonist, designer or director? Want to breakout in the local and international scene?  Join us en route to world of animation where human imagination can create infinite possibilities.

Bahram Azimi is a cartoonist and animation director. He is the creator of animation characters, scriptwriter and director of more than 500 cultural and international cartoon, caricature, animation and film festivals. He also teaches animation and cartoon in Iranian House of Caricature and art universities. He is the winner of more than 60 prizes in Iran and 29 international prizes in graphics, painting, animation, and cartoon contests. He holds a B.A of Handcraft Arts and a M.A of Animation from Tehran’s University of Art.