Behrang Sohrabi

Brain Food

The question is why raising the children has been ended up with spoiling them? Today, families could spend less time on their children due to their over involvement in work and also financial problems. Hence, they are compelled to provide everything for their children as a compensation.

""Behrang Sohrabi"" is an architect that used to work individually by 2014, after that he started by renting 15 meters of the unused space beside the company's pantry , and employed 3 people; the company under his management became a company with 45 partners and they were working on more than 200 small and medium-sized projects by 2017.

When Behrang was ready to attend the first grade of the primary school, he went to school at the start of the war and the occupation of Qasr-e-Shirin. He and his family were settled in beautiful natural place.
Living away from his family and starting life from below zero, which requires parents’ focus on raising and nurturing children at home and the cultural and geographical condition of the city, later became his pattern of his behavior with friends, family and a model in his carrier and the way hi manages his company.

After experiencing fatherhood and reminiscing the differences in the context of his development, he and his son looked into the category of raising children more seriously. Differences in living in apartment, single-parenting, both mother and father’s occupation out of home, sometimes up to two shifts out of the house and computer games instead of children's group games have caused a serious crisis in the development of children from his point of view.

He did his best with the founding Children's Education Center to discover the creativity of children and to find each person’s true calling and unique skills to help them follow their personal mission to find their unique skills in their lives.

Behrang says: ""Instead of asking children to see the world from our framework, we need to help them make their own windows to their favorite scenes .""