Farzaneh Ghods

Be the change you want to see in your company

What activities at your work environment could be done better, faster or just differently? Have you ever asked your colleagues “why do we do this task this way”?

In our working environment we’ve all heard things like “We’ve always done it this way”, “Please do the job how it was always done”. Does this impact the potential of our business growth in this changing, disruptive world?

What is the necessity of making a change? What is necessary to make a change? How to make change happen?

"Farzaneh is a Data Science and AI Technical Advisor at IBM Watson team.
In her career experience at different roles in the industry, she has always focused on bringing new approaches to customers in solving their challenges using technology.
She studied Software Engineering and started her career as a software developer. Eventually she found out that her passion lies in using technology for solving business challenges, rather than developing it, so she moved to the business side. After a few years of experience in tech sales and marketing roles, she studied MBA with focus on Strategic Marketing Management. She brings together a combination of her technical and business background with Design Thinking and Agile approach learned along the way in her startup experiences prior to IBM to help her customers go through their digital transformation.
She volunteers with different initiatives inside and outside of IBM including STEM4Girls, Jumpstart Developer Tech Challenge, Women in IBM Networking Group, Women in Tech Sales.She is leading the Next Gen Innovation Corps volunteer community in IBM Canada to not only bring up the voice of her generation to IBM leadership, but also lead this passionate generation to be part of making these changes in IBM Canada. Her favorite quote is “Be the change you want to see in the world”."