Gelareh Kiazand

Curing Your Curiosity

What happens when we change our perception? How our curiosity can change our perspective towards life and why should we all be more curious about the movie of our lives?

Born in Tehran in 1981, Gelareh graduated from Sheridan College, Toronto in 2003 with honor in Media Arts and her focus on cinematography. Her films as a student toured festivals such as Toronto, NYC Independence, Fajr, and Montreal. During her academic education, she also won a cinematography award for her short documentary at Aspirations Film festival, Canada. This, later, brought her to work in Iran as a film photographer and director of photography (DP) for both fiction and non-fiction films until 2009, earning her two nominations for the best photographer at Fajr film festival, and secondly, for the best cinematographer at Basij film festival. She has held four photography exhibitions and owned the best behind-the-scene documentary at Tehran film festival as well. She has also made some documentaries so far and since 2016, she has commenced her work as one of the women pioneers after the Islamic revolution of Iran in the field of cinematography in film industry.