Gilda Gazor

Stories Behind Iran

Gilda Gazor shares stories of Iran. Through the stories of others in Iran, she was able to uncover her own story. Here, she shares three pivotal stories and beautiful images from her journey that inspired her to change her path and stay in Iran to pursue her calling of gathering and sharing these stories. The goal of her message is to inspire us to discover the stories of others in order to uncover our own stories.

Gilda Gazor was born and raised to Iranian parents in Piedmont, California, a small city in Northern California. Though she grew up in the U.S., she took an interest in her culture from an early age, playing Persian classical instruments on the piano and Santoor, while reading and writing the Persian language from the age of 10 on summer visits to Iran.
She majored in Political Science and Public Policy at UCLA for her undergraduate studies and received her J.D. from Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles.
After passing the California Bar and practicing law, Ms. Gazor decided to continue her studies at Shahid Beheshti University in Tehran. She completed her L.L.M in Public Law and returned to the U.S. to teach Comparative Law with a focus on Iran and Islamic Law at Southwestern Law