Kosar Movahedi
Artist & Entrepreneur

What's Really Worth Keeping?

In today’s world where we’re surrounded by interesting yet less meaningful pieces of information, where it’s easier than ever to record a sound or take a photo, what voices and images are worthy to remember and keep?

Kosar was born in 1995 in Vancouver, Canada. She lived there until she was 6 and moved back to Tehran, thereafter. She went to school in Tehran and is currently studying architecture at The University of Tehran. Being very passionate and enthusiastic about all things that involve art and design, in the fall of 2014 she co-founded a startup company called Sedagraphy with Alireza Eskandari. With his expertise in software engineering and her passion for design they launched their idea of turning precious sounds into visual forms in spring 2015. Sedagraphy has been mentioned in many different publications such as techtalk.ir, DIGIATO.com and Jamejamonline.ir.