Lena Vafaey
Urban Visionary

Want it smart?! Make it local.

From about 8000 years ago, when the first cluster of human has created around Tigris and Euphrates, till today that metropolises contain millions of people, cities have been a place for growth and development of human. With the grough of science and technology not only human but also cities will be smarter than their past. What will be the principals and laws for us to buld a smart city? What are the things that we need to focus on? What shall we follow and look for? Is it enough to follow international standards to reach a smart city? What are the charactristics of a smart city specificly for us as Iranian?

Born and raised in Tehran. Moved to Canada when she was 18 to start her bachelor's program in Geotechnical Engineering at the University of British Columbia. During her undergraduate years, she spent a semester on exchange in London, UK and a semester in Toronto, Canada, where she first started exploring cities and connecting with the endless possibilities that they had to offer. She then moved to Manhattan, New York to start a masters program in Architecture and Urban Design at Pratt Institute. However, after initiating Peeyade in 2015 during her first year at school, she decided to withdraw and dedicate her full attention to the project. Since then she has been a full-time CEO at Peeyade and has decided to dedicate her life to the empowerment of citizens in the making of their cities.