Majid Naghedinia

How money is devaluing our wealth?

There is an urgent need to change the economic system that has been built on a foundation of money as we know it. The injection of bank notes into society has become the main source of inflation and devaluation of the quality of life, time and liberty. In this talk, entrepreneur and money expert Majid Naghedinia shares what he has learned from digging deep into the “money case” for over 2500 hours, and how we need to rethink the role of US dollars and initiate a recovering solution of commodity money.

Majid NaghediNia born in Tehran on 1968 – the same year that Intel Corporation was founded and Apollo 8 mission launched. He began his professional career in 1990; a year that the country was in a political crisis and the same year the Python programming language was founded. He began his career with importing computers, hardware’s and financial and administrative software’s – but did not stop there. Due to his interest in multiple industries, he entered other fields such as stock brokerage, currency exchange, manufacturing electronic equipment, ERP software, food production, restaurant chains and so on. Despite owning businesses in different branches, they were all executed successfully, as “practice makes perfect”. Since 2002, he started a brokerage firm and a currency exchange and was engaged in technical market analysis. In all these years, he shared his experience and knowledge through seminars for young individuals. He believes that economic justice will be achieved by implementing the free market economy.