Mitra Shahsavand
Brand Designer

Dancing with my fears

You can run with fears, dance with fears. Just like a harmonic dance, you put one foot forward, he pulls his foot back. You put one foot back, and he comes forward.

Mitra works at her own brand-design boutique in Tehran. She usually starts with writing a story for each brand, and the whole design and copy concept derives from the heart of this story. She was graduated from Tehran University ‘The College of Fine Arts’ in Graphic Design and moved to London to study ‘Typographic Design & Graphic Communications’ at London College of Communication. She obtained a postgraduate degree in ‘Media & Communication’ from the University of Leicester. In recent years has been lecturing at the University of Tehran ‘The College of Fine Arts’ and Vije School of Visual Communications. She has participated in many jury panels, such as Cresta Awards grand jury panel in 2020. She first started a professional branding experience in 1998 in London at ‘Visual investments’ and has worked on various projects for international. Her work has won the bronze award from Gerety Awards and has been shortlisted at New York Advertising Festivals 2020 and Bowery Awards.