Mona Khaleghy Rad
Expert , Environment and Health

Why should we be creative in respecting the Earth?

How can we rescue our only livable planet from climate crisis? by being mindful in our local and individual decisions and creative in our lifestyles.

Mona Khaleghy Rad, due to her boundless interest in basic sciences and astronomy completed her bachelor's degree in physics and continued planetary science for her master's degree. After completing the master’s program, despite of her keen interest in the celestial sciences, she could not be indifferent to the events that threaten human life (from earthquakes and volcanoes to climate change and landslides) and for her PhD, she studied the risk of natural disasters and their effects on human beings. She continued her postgraduate studies on risk assessment of natural disasters. Her academic and professional activities focus on (environmental) data science, climate change and public health. She believes in and is interested in public education. Ms. Khaleghy Rad sees all human beings in one boat and emphasizes on the influencing role of individuals in the destiny of all.