Saeed Sedghi

Brain Food

There are voices in everyone’s head that order how to think and behave, is it possible to find block negative voices and replace them with positive ones?

Saeed Sadeghi has studied Psychology. From the first beginning of his studies in his bachelor’s, he became interested in “thought” and ""rationality"" from scientific point of view after getting familiar with “Albert Ellis” and “rational-emotional behavioral therapy”. His most favorite subjects in studying and teaching and research is based on beliefs and thoughts and effect of using wisdom in life. Saeed believes that thinking rationally will result in improving the sophistication level just like a skill and it can solve most of social and individual issues in contemporary human or it can reduce the problems. He tries to teach ways of critical thinking to improve the level of rationalism and sophistication.
He is currently engaged with learning more and doing research in the theory of Schema which was presented by Jeffry Young and he wants to mix this theory with Albert Ellis’s idea to find a method which is compatible with Iranian people.