Sanaz Minaie
Chef & Author


Could embracing our forgotten customs bring us a future with higher quality? What does Iranian food and the way they have been served tell us about our past or future?

Sanaz Minaie, entrepreneur and founder of Sanza-Sania Cultural and Artistic Complex, was born in Arak in 1962. She has commenced her work in Tehran since 1981. Ms. Minaie holds a PHD in business management from The Liberty University in the United States. She is one of the first cooking show producers on national TV, the developer of 14 new standards regarding cooking, pastry, and guest reception for vocational education called ‘Sarashpaz Tallaii’. In 1982 she founded the first modern cooking institute in Iran. In 2012, she registered the technology invention of producing, controlling, and standardizing of the Golden Chef. She has, thus far, written and published 27 cooking books, the first monthly technical cooking and reception magazine, and a cooking encyclopedia. She has also been awarded many prizes and certificates of honor from Iranian and foreign festivals and organizations.