Shabnam Yazdani

The gap between science and industry: How we are responsible?

Iran has suffered from unpractical scientific ideas which flourish as top-notch journal articles but are never used for a real practical industrial application. As an aerospace engineer, Shabnam Yazdani tells us how to use familiar steps to fill the gap between science and industry and move correctly in the complex maze of commercialization.

Shabnam Yazdani is born on the 21st of June 1987 in Tehran. She has a PhD in Aerospace engineering from the K.N.toosi university of Technology. Since childhood, her passion was all about space and she could not imagine pursuing any profession other than aerospace. During university, she was always engaged in projects that could ameliorate human life using space technology. While studying her Masters she joined Space System Desing Institute (SSDI) team to work professionally and officially on industry based space projects. A few years later she was promoted as the director of SSDI and her main concern was to combine university knwoledge with industry requirements. In 2016 she was hired by Iranian Space Agency to work as the supervisor on university projects, the exact opposite point of where she used to work. This shift of environment gave her an insight of deficiencies between university and industry preventing private parts from flourishing. she is now working as a space business development director general in ISA.