Shahla Safaei

How we are enabling modern fascism via social media?

What is the effect of confronting a huge amount of data in our daily decision makings? Is it possible to be forced to become similar in this process? For us, who always have looked for being unique and have our own idiosyncrasy , being aware of the fact that social media is manipulating us to become more similar is not a good new. Shahla Safaei will talk about a system in which our mind is always bombarded with data and will show how we can protect our independent characteristics while we are in this environment.

Shahla Safaei is graduated from IT Engineering. She is interested in traveling, writing, music, doing sport and animals since her childhood. She pursued her studies in several fields including philosophy, management, literature, and history. She has the experience of being Marketing Manager in gas and oil industry, entrepreneurship. She is the content manager of two businesses in Iran and the US. She updates her personal website " " and mostly talks about her life and keeping our idiosyncrasy and she writes about sociology which is her main concern in another website "" to share her knowledge with everyone who has the same concern. After deepening her studies in history especially about 20 & 21 centuries, she realized a contact endeavor is working on everyone to become similar and she decided to scrutinize this fact and will talk about the summery of her studies in her talk.