Shima Beigi
Resilience and Consciousness Researcher, Smart City Consultant, Author

Everything we need to know about paradigm shifts

Our society is in the midst of a global transformation crisis, once in which requires a systemic paradigm shift, says resilience scientist and author Shima Beigi. Beigi founded a new engineering framework for designing complex resilient systems, called Mindfulness Engineering. The framework allows engineers and scientists to connect neuroscience and meditation to classical engineering practices, which could lead to creating resilient systems but could also be used to create systemic paradigm shifts. Based on her research across Europe and her experience, Beigi reviews the story behind the formation of paradigms, shares her journey, and lays out her vision for a global change revolution that empowers us to lead lives of greater compassion, courage, and love.

Shima Beigi was born in 1982 in Iran.
She spent her childhood in Iran and Italy. after completing her undergraduate studies in Iran, she went to the University of Bristol and the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom to study for a master's degree and a doctorate. For her doctoral dissertation, she extended topics affecting human design and behavior, including the disciplines of neuroscience, psychology, and meditation, to engineering, and developed the mindfulness engineering method as a systemic solution to create resilience in systems. Introduced complex and dynamic. As a scientist, writer, and entrepreneur, Shima Beigi seeks the infrastructural conditions for resilience in individuals, places, and organizations with her engineering method.