TEDxGlobalDay 2017


Sep 22, 2017


9:00 AM - 1:00 PM


Fereshteh Book City & Café

Wheel of Fortune

TEDxGlobalDay is a one-day initiative to take place on September 23, 2017, when the global TEDx community comes together locally to discuss the world’s most pressing issues, how these issues affect our communities and the ways we can work together to find possible solutions through conversation and action.

TEDxGlobalDay is for all current TEDx organizers: license holders, team members, and volunteers. This initiative is not open to the public.




WATCH         This exciting day begins with a viewing experience of TEDGlobal>NYC, an inaugural TED event with a mission to reimagine the global story and catalyze outside-the-box thinking about world issues.

DISCUSS       Then we explore potential solutions for a problem that has an impact on our community. TEDxTehran has chosen “Wheel Of Fortune” as the main subject of our discussions.

ACTIVATE    The final stage of our event is to activate. We have designed an activity to do in teams around the issue we discussed.

At the end of the day, our TEDxGlobalDay group will have exciting, multifaceted potential solutions to issue related with this subject.

This event is made possible with generous support from Fereshteh Book City, Tehran.

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TEDxGlobalDay 2017 Speaker Lineup

TEDGlobal>NYC will take place in New York City during the same week that heads of state convene for the United Nations General Assembly.
Curated by TEDGlobal Curator Bruno Giussani, the program will feature about 10 speakers. More information about this event is available on TED.com.

Naoko Ishii

Chair, Global Environment Facility

Naomi Klein

Author of "No Is Not Enough"

Robert Muggah

Urban issues expert, Igarapé Institute

Per Espen Stoknes

Chair, Center for Green Growth

Zeynep Tufekci

Techno-sociologist and author

Margrethe Vestager

European Union Commissioner for Competition


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TEDxTehran is a volunteer-run not-for-profit organization. Everyone involved is in it just for the love of spreading great ideas. TEDxTehran is led by a steering committee and supported by volunteers on several specialized committees


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