TEDxTehran Code


In order to ensure the true vision and the mission of TEDxTehran, we here agree to basic rules, guidelines, borders and our responsibilities. This is in one word, TEDxTehran culture.

1.      Vision and Mission

The slogan of TEDxTehran always will be “ideas worth spreading”. The vision of TEDxTehran is to “Make Iran famous for its ideas” thus making the world a better place. Our mission is simple: spread worthy “Ideas”. The IDEA itself is the most important part. We should not deviate from this for any matter or person.

Ideas worth spreading” not only should be reflected in our talks, but within our speakers themselves, our team, our designs and our whole event each year.

2.      The Balance

The balance of each and every event should be on three main TED subjects: “Technology, Entertainment and Design”

These three subjects not only should be reflected in our talks, but also should be reflected and balanced into the whole event, from our stage design to our networking activities, diverse and balanced. It may include all topic with the exception of political or religious topics.

3.      The Team & Organizational Chart

TEDxTehran has a two level organizational chart: The Core Team & the Execution Team. Both teams became one as each core team member is responsible for one of execution team’s subsidiaries as follows:

Core Team:

  • Curation Director
  • Media Director
  • Partnerships Director
  • Technology Director
  • Operation Director

Execution Team:

  • Curation
    • Will be responsible for:
      • Gathering speakers’ nominations
      • Reaching out to potential candidates
      • Selecting each event’s speakers
      • Selecting each event’s TED Talks
      • Preparing speakers for their talks
  • Media
    • Will be responsible for:
      • Any Filming Production (Pre, during and past event)
      • Photography team
      • Subtitle team
      • Social Media team
      • Content development and management
      • Design team
  • Partnership
    • Will be responsible for:
      • Reaching out to potential partners
      • Signing Contracts, agreements with partners
      • Maintaining TEDxTehran/Partner relationship
      • Preparing Partners Report
      • Reaching out to potential Press
  • Technology
    • Will be responsible for:
      • Website & App development & management
      • Stage Presentation
      • All Emails and other contacting routes with the community
      • Live Stream
      • Feedback aggregation form community
  • Operation
    • Will be responsible for:
      • Finding & securing each event’s venue
      • Hospitality Team
      • Stage Design & Development
      • Program Coordination
      • Registration Team
      • Catering Team


  • All team members in both teams are volunteers.
  • TEDxTehran is a non-profit organization and no team member will get any kind of salary, no matter the role.
  • Each event will have two “Organizers”. No more, no less.
  • The Organizers will take each one of the 5 core team titles and will become a “Director”
  • TEDxTehran will not have any advisors, board members or any other members who don’t have an active title and aren’t in one of the 5 main teams.
  • Each of the 5 core members are responsible for their team.
  • All of the core team members & team members will be selected annually. All team members are required to reapply each year but there will be no more interview.
  • For new volunteers there will these steps:
    • Applying online
    • In person or online interview
    • Joining the team
  • Each team member with more than one year experience in TEDxTehran can apply & join the core team.
  • All the team members will have to use the official “Project management Tools” and “Communication channels” offered by TEDxTehran.
  • All TEDxTehran team members will try their best to do what’s best for the environment in all aspect of their tasks and the event. TEDxTehran is a green, waste controlled, environment friendly organization and event.

4.      Speaker Selection

Every speaker will be selected through this structure. They can be rejected by the curation team at any of the steps:

  1. The speaker should nominate themselves through our website
  2. The speaker will be contacted to give a summary of the their idea
  3. Curation team will have a in-person or online meeting with them
  4. If accepted, the curation process will begin


  • Everyone must follow the process, there are no exception or late entries.
  • The nomination deadline is exactly 3 months before each event.
  • The curation period is two months.
  • All of the speakers will be announced at least one month before each event.
  • Speakers cannot advertise their companies or products in their talks at all except if the TED team says it’s OK.
  • Speakers cannot be partners or have any relations with any of the partners.

5.      The Decision Making

All of the decisions that should be made, small or big, (such as all operational tasks, all of the speakers, all of the partners, volunteer selections, etc.) must follow this exact process:

  • The motion will be submitted to the vote (with a deadline)
  • All core team members must vote within the deadline otherwise their vote will be not counted.
  • If a motion get 3/5 “Yes” vote, the majority, the motion is carried and it’s final.
  • If a motion don’t get the majority of votes, the motion is denied and it’s final.
  • The official guideline for TEDxTehran is TED guideline and every team member should read and accept it.


  • No one can decide anything without following the structure, not even Organizers.
  • Each vote is final and the motion cannot be questioned again. All team member must respect the decisions.
  • When a vote reaches its deadline, it’ll be either carried, denied or postponed. No vote can be postponed more than 3 times.
  • All votes must be recorded.

6.      The Transparency Report

After each event, The Organizers will prepare “the transparency report”. In this report we will share all of our incomes and expenses with the public.

The report will also include useful data and approaches to all of the TEDx community so everyone can benefit from it in their events.

7.      Beyond TEDxTehran

As TEDxTehran grows, it can do more to its community. The team can get involved into 3 side activities:

  • TEDxYouth@Tehran
      1. Any team member could apply to be organizer of this event
      2. Any team member could apply to be a part of this event too
      3. This event is annually and must be held in November with 100 attendees
  • TEDxTehranSalon
      1. Any team member could apply to be organizer of this event
      2. ny team member could apply to be a part of this event too
      3. This event is for 10-50 attendees and don’t have any speakers, just TED talks.
  • TED Translation Team:
    1. You can be part of official TED translation team and TEDxTehran subtitle team and prepare TEDxTehran and other TEDx talks subtitles
    2. You can apply for this via TED.com
    3. TEDxTehran subtitle team starts its work 4 weeks after each event



TEDxTehran Code / Version 1.1 / 31/12/2016


TEDxTehran Code / Version 1.1 /  31/12/2016