Dr.Nasrin Moazami
Medical Microbiologist

What Can We Learn From Microalgae?

What can nature teach us about innovation? How can we leverage on natural organisms and mechanics to serve scientific research? How can scientific research be transformed into innovation? What is the personal journey of scientific pursuit?  Join us en route to the world of scientific exploration and innovation.

Professor Nasrin Moazemi is a medical microbiologist and biotechnologist with a PhD from the faculty pf medicine in Laval University, Canada. Dr. Moazami is the pioneer of biotechnology and microalgae based fuels in Iran. Since 2011 up to now she has led the National Project for 10 hectares scale up of microalgae based diesel, ethanol and other valuable products of micro algae in Bushehr province of Iran. She is the founder of the Persian Type Culture Collection (PTCC) and the MIRCEN International Network since 1992. She has received the ‘Chevalier de I’Orde des Palmes Academiques’ for her outstanding professional research.