Lili Golestan
Artist & Cultural Activist

I Wanted it, I Made it Happen

How whole-heartedly do we need to long for something so we can make it happen? How can we reach our targets when the situation is not perfect?

Born in 1944, Lili Golestan left for Paris after her secondary school and studied dress and textile designing at the Decorative Art institute in Paris. During that period, she attended some classes of world art history and French literature at Sorbonne University, and during her stay, she also participated in pottery making classes. After four years of living and studying in Paris, she returned to Iran and took up a job as a textile designer at Moghaddam textile factory. Later, she joined Iran’s national television as a dress designer and then, she became the head of children’s TV program. She quit her job after 7 years and afterwards, published her first translation of the novel “Life, War and then nothing” by Oriana Fallaci in 1967. The book encouraged her to translate more novels. She has since published more than twenty books. Between 1981 and 1987, Lili Golestan opened a bookstore called Ketab-e-Iran.