Nasser Hadjloo
Curious case of word stylers

Curious Case of Word Stylists

Bold, underline, italics – what do these actually mean? Do they have the same meaning to a native versus non-native English speaker? Technology has evolved to help us express ourselves better almost in any case, but do we really embrace it or still living with previous limits? Do we need to localize technology, and if yes, how? How can we put more effects on words to express ourselves more efficient? What changes do we need? How can we use technology to present our ideas in a better and memorable way? Join us en route to localization of software and technology.

Naser Hadjloo is the founder of Pexity and a technical manager at Faraconesh Corpration. He specializes in Unicode, localization, web design, UI and UX design. He owns several open source applications and is well-known amongst Iranian for his bonfire attempts for Iran web industry and Persian localization community. Naser holds a BSc in Software Engineering from Ministry of Industries and Mines University to Applied Science and Technology and a MS, Strategic EMBA from PNU.