Siavosh Arasteh
Feeding the future: Siavosh Arasteh at TEDxTehran

Feeding the Future

As the most important nutrient, proteins are fundamental to our world. Focusing on the contemporary trading of protein-based commodities offer us a unique glimpse into how fundamental global trends have panned out. Moreover, a “protein-lens” view of the world captures some of the key challenges of the future, opportunities awaiting innovators to address.

Siavosh is an entrepreneur in Geneva, Switzerland. He is currently developing AgFlow, an information platform enhancing global agricultural market data access and navigation. Siavosh previously worked at AgriNews as a grain market analyst and designed Global Grain Asia, a major cereals trade conference in Asia-Pacific. After graduating from the London School of Economics, Siavosh co-founded Casefeed, a customer service start-up, which entered Ogilvy London Digital Lab in 2010.