As soon as teenagers go to high school they start preparing for the university entrance exam. But what happens next? When they enter the university they have no clue about the next step, using their degree to find a job. They often blame the market for not recruiting the newly graduates. On the other hand, we have business owners who are unsatisfied with the knowledge and skills of those looking for a job. They find the lack of professional resources the problem.
In this article, we’re going to find the solution to this problem with the help of three great TEDxTehran talks from 2019 and 2021.


1- Aseyeh Hatami: Four ways to make use of the years we spend on education. (TEDxTehran2019)

Aseyeh Hatami, entrepreneur and researcher of the job market who founded and studied the recruitment challenges faced by thousands of local and international companies, has shown us how to transform education from a sunk cost to a valuable asset through 4 timely actions.
Based on this talk there are three important steps:


Step one: Let our goals shape our education.
Step two: Gain experience at any cost.
Step three: Learn from people and professionals, not just books.


An education that starts with a goal will get shaped and find a direction. An education that is followed by experiencing real situations and side activities learned from people we choose to be around with an explorer soul can become a perfect education and guarantee our future.


2- Shabnam Yazdani: The gap between science and industry: How we are responsible? (TEDxTehran2019)

As an aerospace engineer, Shabnam Yazdani has told us how to use familiar steps to fill the gap between science and industry and move correctly in the complex maze of commercialization.
Based on her talk there are seven steps to connect science to the industry:


Step one: Science production
Step two: Make it more practical
Step three: Creating a prototype
Step four: Improving the prototype
Step five: Introduce the product to the industry
Step six: Negotiate with the industry

Step seven: The industry starts mass production and our dreams come true!


But actually, it’s not that simple. Many factors can lead to failure. The policies of the industry may change. They may not exactly know their needs or if so, It may be so simple and primitive that is in contrast with your innovative essay, and worst of all they may be facing a lack of funds.
However, there are three more factors affecting the connection between science and industry.


  • Society: We’ve been told to go to university to get accepted into our society and the university wants an essay from every student to graduate whether it is useful or not. And The Industry prefers to stay away from research and development and would rather solve the problems with no creativity or innovation.
  • Our minds: even though it’s spending all that phosphorus and energy to get a certificate, it doesn’t take any responsibility, ignores the situation and moves on.
  • Our superego: A conscience that asks us questions and finds us responsible for not answering our minds and society, and blindly following the path that has been imposed on us.


Let’s not be blind followers anymore and make sure we know the whole process from beginning to end. And make sure we are proceeding properly.


3- Alireza Jalily: How to be Resilient and Opportunity Ready? (TEDxTehran2021)

Dr. Alireza Jalily, a university lecturer and scientific director of the Retail Department at the University of Tehran’s Faculty of Management believes that there are more opportunities for people who are ready to capture them. People who start to prepare themselves for the future will seize anything that pops up in their way. Accordingly, this was the way of many successful people in history; all of them made the same decision and never stopped.



First, he starts by defining resilience.

“The ability of a system or organization to anticipate, prepare for, respond and adapt to incremental change or sudden disruptions to survive, stabilize, rebuild and thrive.”

This means we should believe that we’re not going to lose and we’re able to improve the situation for ourselves. That’s what Japan and Germany did after world war II or Walmart and Starbucks during the pandemic. They were going through bankruptcy due to Covid but resilience was what made their success even more than they were before the pandemic.
As Seneca, the roman philosopher says: “Luck is not a random and transcendental phenomenon. It’s a combination of opportunity and readiness”.

The more ready you are the more it’s possible to intercross with opportunity.

People who have become successful were not special. They worked hard for it and while they were improving their skills, the opportunity stood in their way and they took it to make a better life not only for themselves but everyone. Resilience and opportunity readiness make success.

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