I am sure everyone is interested in Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg’s secret; There is no doubt that these innovative giants knew something special about their business that the rest of us could begin to learn. 

But what really is creativity? 

“Creativity is a phenomenon whereby something somehow new and somehow valuable is formed. The created item may be intangible or a physical object.” That was the literal definition. 

The amazing thing is that everyone can be creative and there is no limit to the line of work one is serving in, although it is often associated with visual artists, musicians and choreographers. The result is conceptually the same; one is an art creation and the other is an idea creation. 

Let’s face it, If you have ideas and don’t act on them, you are not a pre bloomed creative person, you are imaginative. 

Through my search on the amazing world of web I have found Four habits that you usually catch a creative person having;

  1. Paying attention to one’s dreams

    Did you know that the framework of the exceptional, complex movie concept of “Inception” derived from the director Nolan’s own experiences with lucid dreaming? Dreams are a portal to the unconscious mind and science is just scratching the surface to its understanding, so do not get disappointed or scared of your unconscious. 


  2. The will to Act 

    Not every idea is going to win you a medal, and not every idea is silly and irrational. Sometimes when you’re willing to ACT, you can start feeling your peak experience (which is a euphoric moment of heightened awareness which you feel like you have your utmost potential in).


  3. Getting comfortable in the unknown areas of one’s mind

    What I am trying to say is to simply get out of your comfort zones, your world of Ones and Zeros, your canvas of Black and Whites more often. Try to learn your unknown then you can unleash the creativity that has been shaped and boxed sooner.


  4. Having fun

    Apparently, nothing kills creativity like feeling pressured to do something, a deadline. Aside from the pressure point of view, you really just should have fun sometimes, maybe do nothing sometimes. 


Here are 3 TED Talks on simple ways to spark your creativity:

1.Want to become more creative? Go for a walk
By: Marily Oppezzo

2.Play this word game to come up with original ideas

By: Shimpei Takahashi

3.How boredom can lead to your most brilliant ideas

By: Manoush Zomorodi

Written By: Asal Ghamari

Edited And Published By: Sepideh Lashkari

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