Our generation is responsible for one of the most important changes in our time;

Reaching gender equality

There was once when talking about gender equality was considered a radical view but today the landscape is changing

If you imagine gender equality, in the true meaning of the word; it might seem impossible or too far to reach in the near future. In fact, according to the United Nations, no country meets its full requirements. However, in most places in the world we see that female empowerment is addressed more and more.

Gender equality is in the UN’s 2030 vision as a UN Sustainable Development Goal; empower women and girls without leaving anyone behind. In times like these, we need to play our part to leave a better world behind for the next generation. Every action counts, every talk, every idea…

There was once when talking about gender equality was considered a radical view but today the landscape is changing. The way we look at equality is changing, shaping a bright and empowering future for our society.

Dialogue plays an important role

At the same time with movements such as HeforShe or Women’s March, men are also starting to find their place alongside women and pledge to become allies. Everyone is playing their part. Like many others, TED believes dialogue plays an important role which is why it organizes a day dedicated to women and girls.

TEDWomen focuses on women as change agents and innovators. Diversity of ideas are important. It covers everything from community development to robotics and peace making. This annual event has men and women championing ideas and is a place to spark change and innovation.


Fearless is the theme of TEDWomen 2020; to look in on our collective fearlessness to shape a better future together. The world is suffering greatly at the moment and it’s more important than ever to engage, to be change architects, and to be innovators.

“To me, fearless is being able to lead your fears to block all the labels and stereotypes, and build your confidence and trust from within “

Iran is no exception! Here at TEDxTehranWomen, we organized a TEDxWomen called fearless. “To me, fearless is being able to lead your fears to block all the labels and stereotypes, and build your confidence and trust from within “ said the organizer, Mehrnoush Baratpour.

In this interview, Baratpour gives a vision of this year’s TEDxTehranWomen “We are designing TEDxTehranWomen to let women learn more about themselves, to start thinking about what they can do, and decide what they want to build in this world… a platform for women and men to discuss ways we can have a community where everyone is judged based on their eligibility and capabilities, not on their look, gender, nationality, skin color, place of birth, family, or anything else”.

Now as promised in the title, let me introduce 5 TED talks about gender equality and female empowerment to you. Here we go:

In this talk, Elizabeth Nyamayaro, head of UN Women’s HeForShe initiative, explains how the movement “is about uplifting all of us together”.

1: An invitation to men who want a better world for women:

( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VekRvcbL4yk )

Environmentalist Katharine Wilkinson believes that “The gender-climate connection extends beyond negative impacts and beyond powerful solutions. Women are vital voices and agents for change on this planet.” In this amusing talk, we will learn that climate change and gender equality are strongly linked.

2: How empowering women and girls can help stop global warming

( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vXlJEcrinwg )

“I believe that without educating the girls, we may not make world peace. For this, we have to continuously and collectively work together” Shameem Akhtar says in this talk about how education changed her life.

3: To learn is to be free

( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2VBkDNzeRZM )

Reshma Saujani highlights teaching girls about risk taking and being comfortable with imperfection. In this heated talk, Saujani mentions “Women are being left behind, and it means our economy is being left behind on all the innovation and problems women would solve if they were socialized to be brave instead of socialized to be perfect.”


4: Teach girls bravery not perfection

( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fC9da6eqaqg )

Maureen Fitzgerald investigates how our preconceptions about gender is holding us back: “Men and women if you really want an equal society not just gender equality we have to come together, step outside of our (blue and pink) boxes, put down our differences. we are all casualties of our limited thinking.”

5: Implicit bias-how we hold women back

( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YM1MBSczyzI )

We live in an era where we are increasingly striving to reduce and abolish inequalities (gender, race, sexual orientation, etc.). But we know that despite all our efforts, there is still inequality. In order for big changes to happen, we need to start with the basics and education is the first step. We have to teach our daughters courage so that they won’t be afraid of making mistakes. It is undeniable that we can uplift our society’s awareness, without the limitations of our thinking.

We have to rise, man and woman all over the world, side by side to build a better world together. We only live once. Let’s use it to make the world a beautiful and better place for everyone to live in. Now and for future generations.

Written by: Sarah Nazari, Sepideh Lashkari

Edit and Publish by: Asal Ghamari

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