As the largest TEDx in the MENA region and the first TEDx in Iran, we constantly find ways to share our findings and resources with other event organizers and our community.

In line with giving back to our community and making the TEDxTehran mobile application public, we are now sharing our partner’s analysis of every piece of data we had from our community of 21,000+ members.

It was not an easy task. Yet, as our data analysis partner, Formaloo took it as a challenge. Since 2013, we used 51 different software to manage our data while being active in every major social media, forum & even other events. So, not only our partner had to analyze our audience’s data comprehensively, but they had to unify, consolidate and analyze more than 1 Million pieces of information from more than 100 data sources.

The result was excellent! TEDxTehran’s mission, same as TED, is to share ideas worth spreading. This data study can help many event organizers design and optimize their events for the future with the help of real feedback & accurate data. This study, in one sentence, is the numeral essence of what we learned up until now.

We hope this report helps as many peers as possible while inspiring other events to share their findings with their audience. Download and enjoy the report here.

[googlepdf url=”” download=”Download” width=”400″ height=”400″]


Written by: Reza Ghiabi, TEDxTehran Licensee

Published by: Asal Ghamari

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