Most of us conclude that we are simply not gifted with the ability to create. Science, however, points to the contrary; numerous research findings have clearly shown that creativity can indeed be learned and nurtured. Our brains just need a nudge – or several constant nudges – to get up, connect the dots and begin. Here are four hacks that will help you get the creativity engines running. But before we explain the way of hacking creativity, we point out the importance of creativity.

Why is it important to Be Creative?


 “Creativity predicts a longer life”. Researchers have found out that only creativity – not intelligence or overall openness – decreases the risk of death, as it draws on a variety of neural networks within the brain, your health and quality of life.

From PBS News Hour segment about Nancy Andreasen


 “Creative people are better problem-solvers”. In all areas of your life and work, instead of adopting a linear, logical approach, your creative brain can overlook a situation from all angles. In fact, you see things differently and deal with uncertainty more effectively.

Finally, yet the most important:

“Engaging in the creative process builds confidence”. As you discover that failure is part of the process and you see failure as only an obstacle and helps you grow, makes your work better, you can let go of fear and try new things, even at the risk of failing.

Now we are shifting from WHYs to Hows.


3 Ways of Hacking your Creativity


The first way is a piece of cake: Take a Walk! Marily Oppezzo, a behavioral and learning scientist from Stanford in her TED Talk – Want to be more creative? Go for a walk” – 


explains how walking helps us to get out of our heads and generate out-of-the-box ideas. In fact, according to her studies the movement of the body can affect the movement of the mind.


2.Paying attention to your frustrations

Using the emotions of frustration and inspiration to bubble up interesting things. You can be inspired by many things, but it is frustration that gives you the lucidity to act because it highlights what needs your attention the most. And if it’s urgent for you, you can be sure it’s urgent for others as well, which means frustration is an unerring roadmap for turning obstacles into innovation.

Listen to the TED Talk of an economist from Oxford – Tim Harford –


explaining “How frustration can make us more creative” convinces you about working with a little mess, as challenges and problems can derail your creative process or make you more creative than ever.

 3.Recoup your inner Child by Playing

The sentence has come down to us from Picasso: “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”

We are most creative when we are kids. Then as we get older, education system, criticism, social likes and getting accepted by the crowd, make us fit in the box of normality and stores the creativity/imagination in a box locked in our memory; turning blankets and beds into spaceships in a matter of seconds; thanks to a cognitive bias called functional fixedness which causes our perception to be boxed in by our limited experiences.

However, there are tons of research on how constructive play can be beneficial for both children and adults. Check out the TED Talk.



A well-known designer, “Tim Brown” talks about the powerful relationship between creative thinking and play.


From a “Creative Genius” point of view, I want to conclude this blog post, with one of the thought-provoking “Albert Einstein” quotes: 

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.”. 

Written By: Niusha Tadrisi
Edited and Published By: Sepideh Lashkari


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