TEDxTehranWomen 2020

We are all are that these past few years have been dedicated to Women Empowerment all around the world. This year, TED has named the TED Women’s theme “Fearless”.

What does Fearless mean?

Fearless is having Fears, but not being afraid to face them. The voice in your heart over powers what you want to think. A wall builds up behind you to keep you from going back, even if you wanted to.

We as TEDxTehran have been working tirelessly to distinguish the meaning of not having any fear and being fearless in this event, and we welcome you – TEDxers- to share what Fearless mean to you on social media and mention us.

We are sure that you remember our last TEDxTehranWomen, themed Bold+Brilliant. If you add them all together (Bold+Brilliant and Fearless), you can conclude that being a woman is not just about femininity.

This year, the co-organizer of TEDxTehranWomen, just like last year, is a strong woman; Ms.Mehrnoosh Baratpour.

We have arranged an interview with her about the procedures of conducting an event (TEDxTehranWomen) and what it is like to be a woman holding an event for women of society.

1.Can you please specify what “Fearless” means to you?

To me, fearless is being able to lead your fears to block all the labels and stereotypes, and build your confidence and trust from within. Leaning into what you believe you can achieve while very few think you can do what you can do. Speaking up when you are supposed to keep your voice down and act nicely. It is raising your sound if needed, even if it is called sentimental or bossy in mainstream language. It is to be ambitious when you are frowned upon for it. It is to be bold when they expect you to be humble. It is to build and do whatever you can, to make a better you and hence a better world. I believe that’s how I would describe a fearless person.

2.What it is like to be a woman holding an event for and about women?

I take it as my purpose in life to help build a world (at least around me) that is fairer for women and men. To help create a fair world for people who are judged and labeled for their behaviors, beliefs, birthplace, or even just their appearances. To build a fair world for people who are expected to be good, kind, quiet, and less ambitious.

3.What actions have you taken for women empowerment in your society and your circle?

I believe women have been and are empowered. The stereotypes usually prevent women from seeing their real powers. It is my business/Job to let women speak up and be comfortable with who they are, in the teams I lead, be it Formaloo or TEDxTehran. To let women, know their powers, apart from TEDxTehran, I have organized StartupWeekend events and multiple technical and management workshops for women. During these past few years, I have written articles, participated as the speaker and panelist at events, and shared what I’ve learned with event organizers who have the same purpose as me.

4.How do you think this event can impact women in 2020?

We are designing TEDxTehranWomen to let women learn more about themselves, to start thinking about what they can do, and decide what they want to build in this world. TEDxTehranWomen is a platform for women and men to discuss ways we can have a community where everyone is judged based on their eligibility and capabilities, not on their look, gender, nationality, skin color, place of birth, family, or anything else.

5.How can “Fearless” be a complementary theme to “Undotted and Uncrossed” -The 2020 theme named for TEDxTehran-?

I see the “Undotted and Uncrossed” as the unfinished immature portrait of our community. While there’s still a lot to do to finish it and grow it to maturity, we must know that we’re facing a new generation of young people who are more daring than we ever were. They need guidance from us to be able to lead their energy and feelings in a way that benefits them and generations after them. This inclusive guidance is the crucial element that builds fearlessness in a generation.

6.Can you briefly let us know how do you as TEDxTehranWomen co-organizer, plan and hold an event such as “Fearless”?

I have created a complete TEDx organization toolkit, which helps me and my team manage and plan everything along with keeping the deadlines and resources. We have divided everything into multiple projects, and each project has a manager who handles day to day tasks and deadlines. We have weekly meetings in which we update each other on the progress of our project and commit to the next actions.

7.Why should people attend TEDxTehranWomen 2020? And what distinguishes “Fearless” from other events?

TEDxTehranWomen 2020 is an event that addresses the problems of women and men from different backgrounds and nationalities. It talks about the stereotypes that limit men and women, and ways we, as thinkers and doers of the community, can show up and change the status quo. The theme “Fearless” is a reminder for all of us to stay bold and brilliant, show up, and let the fearless person inside us speak up.

TEDxTehran has partnered with a number of organizations to support its mission and contribute to the idea exchange at TEDxTehran women 2020. These organizations are collaborating with the TEDxTehran team on innovative ways to engage a virtual audience and align their ideas and perspectives with this year’s programming. This year’s partners are: The Netherlands embassy, Zitel, Bon Mano Coffee, Podro, Shaparak, Three benches Group, Hamysheh bookstore, Shadzi online club and Fidibo.

TEDxTehranwomen 2020 is taking place on November 27 10-14.00. TEDxTehranWomen applications will be accepted by November 27th. Learn more and apply now (International application).


Written by Asal Ghamari

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